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Many children are set on a path early in their lives – graduate from high school, go to college, graduate from college, fall in love, get married, buy a house, have children, retire, have grandchildren, die. It’s the American Dream.  I followed this path by going to college, falling in love, going to graduate school, getting married, buying a condo, getting a great job, buying a larger condo, buying a great car, decorating my house . . . what else was left?

Even Allan Watts in his lovely British accent in this little cartoon can't sell me the life.  "It is a hoax."

Another Allan Watts narrated video takes the concept one step further - not only are people unhappy, but they train their children to be unhappy as well:

I was on auto pilot on the road that ends in the Predictable Life.  A 9 to 5 drudgery where everyone works hard to eventually retire and enjoy life.  I did not want to wait.  What if there never was a later?  I have done some amazing things, and there is more to come.  People say I am lucky to "retire" from the law when I am 36.  Luck may be part of it, but I worked hard and am willing to take risks.  Question is, how long will this crazy train speed along?